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Home English version The use of powder products in the sectors of the economy
Aluminium powder stamped SUAL-PM and their use in the sectors of the economy
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Powders, granules, powder and paste light metals are widely used in various fields of technology - metallurgy, chemistry, energy, construction, nuclear, space, military equipment and other industries - thanks to its new (compared with compact materials) properties caused Specific surface properties of materials dispersed.
Mining industry. Aluminium powder as energy supplements are part of many industrial vzr1vchatyk substances (BB) used in the mining industry - ammonalov, rocky ammonitov, detonitov, alyumotola. In doing so significantly increases the heat of making explosives and explosive indicators of their efficiency.
The steel industry. In the steel industry aluminium powder (pellets) are applied as reducing. The addition of 0,1-1,5% aluminum nibs molten iron to completely release him from nitrous and thus provides a dense casting without shells. lyuminievye powders used for heating profitable part of ingot casting, with ferrous metals. Around litnikovogo openings and profit engraved mixture of oxide and aluminum powder, which "light" from the melt, and burned a long time supported cast metal in a liquid state. This helps with casting and solidification while reducing the level of form and proportion of the metal thereby avoiding education shrinkage in casting shells. For the production of ferroalloys widely used alyumotermicheskoe restoration oxides refractory metals. Thus receive ferromolibden, ferronioby, ferrovolfram and others, while usually use powders size from 5 to 300 microns. The global spread termitnye mixture F e2 O3 - A l. Stoichiometric mixture of 75% F e2 O3 + 25% A l gives combustion temperature of about 2500 ° C.
Chemical industry. In the chemical industry and aluminium powder granules successfully applied for remedial purposes, since they respond quickly in the water acidic or alkaline environments, emitting hydrogen, which at the time education is one of the strongest reducers: 1 kg aluminium powder gives 1240 litres of hydrogen. Aluminum powders are widely used in obtaining alyuminiyalkilov, with polymerization of ethylene, the production of tetraethyl lead antiknock etc.
Getting aluminum coatings on metals. Aluminium powder coating applied, mainly on steel products. The largest application received metallization spraying, plasma spray and powder metallurgy (knurling powders on the surface of steel sheet, followed by heat treatment).
Varnishes industry. One of the main consumers of aluminum powder and pastes is the paint industry, which uses them as a colouring and protective pigment consisting of various paints, varnishes, enamels. Aluminium pigment consisting of paints gives a beautiful silver color products, protects them from external influences: moisture, heat, light and reports cover other valuable properties.
The construction industry. Aluminium powder used in the construction industry as gazoobrazovatelya in the manufacture of concrete honeycomb. widespread use of honeycomb concrete due to their lightness, high thermal and sound insulating ability, with good strength.
Other areas of application. Aluminium powder is added to the rubber in the manufacture of tyres with a view to increasing the heat of the tread rubber and improve the working conditions of the inner surface of the tyres. The addition of powders in plastics improves their mechanical properties, increases their durability, gives them specific properties (electrical, thermal conductivity, etc.). Aluminium powder is widely used as filler in plastic on the basis of resins, for example, epoxide, polyester and fenolovyh.
Powder aluminum used to make so-called "cold solders" (fillers), which are used to fill shells, potholes, and treschim seams on the surface of the metal. More than 50% of the cold solder is aluminum powder, which is mixed with resins and otverditelem.
We know the use of aluminum powder in the manufacture of ceramic parts dry method of pressing. Her appointment - obvolakivanie granules press powder particles powder in order to reduce wear press-forms and obtain high-density pressing with a relatively small effort.
Some other uses of aluminum powder, powder, granules and pastes:
  • production of high-refractory materials (aluminum powder additive allows a greater density, thermal resistance and mechanical density refractory);
  • a porous adsorptive materials for cryogenic technology;
  • powder production welding wire;
  • a cooling-lubricating fluids (coolant).