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Home English version Aluminium powder stamped SUAL-PM - world quality, price kmerennye
Aluminium powder stamped SUAL-PM and their use in the sectors of the economy
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Branch "SUAL-PM-Krasnoturinsk" LP "SUAL-PM" is a pioneer of large-scale domestic production of aluminium powder, and powders. Even in the difficult period of conversion and general decline in production of aluminum powder Issue maintained. In their production invested considerable resources. The high quality aluminium powder with the brand SUAL-PM, irreproachable compliance with the terms and timing of shipments led to their reliable sales in Russia and abroad. The prices - lower than the similar products of other manufacturers.

Today Branch "SUAL-PM-Krasnoturinsk" LP "SUAL-PM offers:
  • Powders aluminium type "PP" six titles for the production of explosives and pyrotechnic compositions.
  • Aluminum powders such as "PA" five titles used in pyrotechnics, ferrous metallurgy, chemical industry, welding equipment.
  • Krupki aluminium type "AKP" used in the production of ferroalloys and in powder metallurgy.
  • Aluminum powder type "APZH" for the production of heat steel.
  • Powders aluminium pigment type "PAP" two titles, which is used in paint, aviation, automobile, mechanical engineering, printing, rubber, construction and other industries. It is widely used as gazoobrazovatelya in the manufacture of concrete honeycomb.
  • Pasta aluminium several titles. Pasta is made using wet grinding aluminum powder in an environment of liquid carbon. This production of analogues in Russia does not have. The greatest use of pasta is in the manufacture of paints and enamels high corrosion resistance and in printing.
  • Aluminum powders secondary type "APV" and "APV-P." They are used in the steel industry. Powder "APV-P" passivated (mikrokapsuliruetsya) special reagent and absolutely safe when entering at raskislenie or for other purposes.

With its powerful industrial potential, highly qualified specialists and high culture of production, Branch "SUAL-PM-Krasnoturinsk" LP "SUAL-PM" could produce with consumers on the agreed specifications in other types of powders and powder with the characteristics, the respective needs of the customer.